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Hi, I'm Dean Winchestbear. I have two brothers, Sam Winchestbear (right) and Castiel Bear of the Lord (left). I host Plushienatural: A Supernatural Podcast with my human, Amanda Lynn, and my brothers. I also like to post pictures on Instagram and Facebook and tweets on Twitter. 


I am committed to spreading love, joy, and Plushie Magic throughout the Supernatural fandom by focusing on the positive and refusing to let hate or negativity ruin the fun for me or any of my friends. My website is a soft and cuddly place for fans to get together and discuss the show in a community of love, respect, and tolerance. 

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Great Episode!

" I am fairly new to supernatural and I love this podcast! I am always hearing bits and pieces that I missed in the episode and great information about the actors that I would have never known. I’m a big fan of the shining and I fear I may have missed a couple of nods to that movie after listening to this so I may have to go watch the episode again! Can’t wait till next week!

Carole A., Canada

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