PlushieCast 2 Show Notes

On this week's PlushieCast, Dean and Amanda read the letters they wrote for the To Supernatural With Love project/blog, formerly known as the SPN Birthday project.

Amanda's letter to Dean can be found at, and her Master's thesis, Everybody Hurts: An Autoethnographic Exploration of Hurt/Comfort Fanfiction can be read and downloaded from (it's a Zip file).

The Winchestbears' letter to Team Free Will can be found at, and The Winchestbears' Artist page is at We just want to say thank you to everyone who created and facilitated the project for all their hard work and dedication.

Next we finished our report on the Creation Supernatural Pittsburgh con in June with J2 Sunday (June 10, 2018), which started with a Ruth Connell solo panel and Alex Calvert's panel. These are our Sunday photo ops. Amanda laughed out loud at the pickup table when she saw her Jensen & Misha op!

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