Plushienatural - 1.22 "Devil's Trap"

Updated: Oct 20, 2020

We made it! It's the end of the first Supernatural season in episode 22, "Devil's Trap." Longtime Winchester ally Bobby Singer is introduced, the demon possessing Meg is exorcised, killing her body in the process, the boys help John escape the demons--or so they *think*--, and we end with one of the most brutal cliffhangers in TV history, with the entire Winchester family, including the Impala, fighting for their lives.

As usual, Dean gives the Plot Recap and Best Song, Amanda gives the Commentary, and Sammy gives both a Lore Break and Plushies Make Everything Better...BUT WAIT, THERE'S MORE! Special End of Season Awards are given to the Best Song of the Season by Dean, Season Winner, and Loser by Sammy, and Best Episode of the Season by Amanda.

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