Plushienatural 2.05 - Simon Said

It's Ben Edlund's first Supernatural episode, and that means the freaks have come out to play. This week's freaks--I mean, Special Children--are Andy Gallagher, a lovable stoner with the psychic power of mind control and a seriously awesome van, and his Evil Twin, who looks more like Elijah Wood than his "twin brother" and uses the mind control powers to kill people. Turn on the disco ball and fill your giant bong; it's time for Plushienatural!

This week, Dean 🧸 gives the Plot Recap, Amanda gives the Commentary, and Sammy 🧸 joins the fun with an LVP and Plushies Make Everything Better. Join us for the return of classic rock and some cool personal stories, and don't forget to text us!

Direct download link:


The REO Speedwagon meme:

Photo ops mentioned in the Commentary:

  1. I make Alona and Gabe feel tall 😂

  2. The awkward post-confession J2 op

  3. Gabe is not tall enough to actually lean on me

  4. Jared is a very good sport 🤣


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