Plushienatural S1E16 - "Shadow"

Updated: Oct 20, 2020

It's one Hell of an episode this week as we discover the truth about Meg Masters from Andover, MA, and her connection to the Monster of the Week. We've also got a bit of a format change, as Dean does the Plot Recap, and Amanda does a Feels Recap that goes in-depth into the truckloads of Winchester Family Feels this episode provides.


BEWARE: Here there be SPOILERS for Season 14, Episode 13, "Lebanon" (aka the 300th episode). If you would like to skip the spoilers, Amanda will let you know when they start, and the Dean's Dirty Guitar riff and the second of silence will let you know where they end. (For the rest of you, we're sorry about the silence, but please have empathy for your fellow unspoiled fans.)

All that, plus a Lore Break with Sammy, an LVP award, and 5 ways Plushies Make Everything Better, this week on Plushienatural!

1.16 "Shadow" on Superwiki An article about the purchase of John's truck by a fan The original TWoP recap of "Shadow"

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