Plushienatural S01E03 - Dead in the Water

Updated: Oct 20, 2020

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Show Notes

This week we’re looking at season 1, episode 3, “Dead* in the Water.” As Sam and Dean are “Movin’ On” from Colorado, they pause the search for their dad to take a case at a lake in Wisconsin where people keep mysteriously drowning. Dean bonds with a fellow traumatized child of a dead parent named Lucas, who doesn’t talk and constantly draws pictures related to the case. Dean tries to hit on Lucas’s hot mother Andrea, played by BtVS alum Amy Acker, before she nearly becomes the killer’s latest victim. Learn what classic rock band Dean thinks “rules,” what the Best Song of the episode is, and how Plushies would Make Everything Better in this week’s show.

“Dead in the Water” on Superwiki:

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*Every single time I try to type this, it comes out “Dean in the Water,” which is not entirely inaccurate…

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